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Whether you are starting an organic division, or you have been providing a service for years, it is important to remember that a solid program requires more than simply swapping out a bag of synthetic fertilizer for a bag of organic fertilizer. Through our years of experience, we understand the challenges you face, and a simple product swap will not produce the results you desire. Healthy Turf depends on the positive interactions between soil chemistry, soil structure, soil biology and cultural practices. The key to a successful all natural Organic Turf Care (OTC) program is to apply the right products together with proper cultural practices – one without the other can set you up for failure.

PJC Organic can assist you with whatever level of need you have…

We offer soil testing and interpretation, followed by product recommendations developed from those interpretations. We send you a master product application chart with the number of bags and applications organized by client.

A more involved program development includes: recommended pricing for your organic fertilization services based on your program, product set, labor rate, and profit margin. We send you a master price sheet by program level and square footage for easy quoting.

Our services help you get out in the field to grow your business. We understand that expanding what your business offers can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. PJC Organic has a practical approach that is easy to follow and tailored to meet your needs.

Offers for Landscapers

Integrate an organic fertilization program into your offerings. Learn more about our practical approach!

Offers for Schools & Municipalities

We offer a simple soil test system and custom programs that are easy to execute.

Education for All

Get started. Learn what you need to know about organic turf care right here at PJC

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At PJC we build customer relationships that extend beyond product usage to include the exchange of information about experiences, practices, and issues. Wherever possible, we look to minimize the number of miles our product travels and intermediaries between PJC and its customers. We support the local economy by allowing small businesses to maintain their identity while growing their business.

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