You’re too busy patching holes and putting out fires to also manage a complicated turf care program. That’s why PJC created a practical approach using proven products. The best part? It’s all organic.

The Governor’s Academy, Byfield MA. -Organic since 2006

“Organic” used to mean expensive, complex, and ineffective. Not anymore.

Schools, cities, and towns are showing their students and the community the importance of sustainable practices.  Across the nation, implementation of green initiatives has become a major strategic goal for public and private institutions.  There is pressure from the community, regulatory and advocacy groups, as well as, the legislature to make changes.  Managing these conflicting desires can be challenging.  We work with your maintenance team and/or service provider to tailor an All-Natural Organic Turf Care program that is easy to follow, effective, fits your budget, and is sustainable for generations.

Outsource Soil Testing

Take any course on organic lawn care, view an article on the internet or read a book, the first thing you are told to do is take a soil test.

So, you dutifully take a soil sample, send it off to a lab; get the results back – then what?

Program Development

Organic: Not just a trend anymore.
Increased research and development is positively impacting the quality of organic turf care.  While there are still programs that claim to be one-size-fits-all, PJC offers customized products and programs that remain simple and practical.

PJC Organic has been helping landscapers, schools, homeowners, and municipalities maintain lush turf 100% organically for over 17 years.  Our customers receive access to phone and email support, as well as, customer login area with other resources.  We know organics! 


“Our organic program has been fantastic.  Grubs have never been a factor at the Governor’s Academy.  The few that we have encountered were on fields that don’t have irrigation and have been minimal over the last 15 years.

We receive many compliments on the way our fields look in the extreme heat of the summer, as well as, in November when the season is winding down.  The turf stands up to games, practices and all the other functions that are held on the 450 acres that we maintain.

PJC has been a great asset for me for more than a decade ~”

Matt McDonnell
The Governor’s Academy

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At PJC we build customer relationships that extend beyond product usage to include the exchange of information about experiences, practices and issues. Wherever possible, we look to minimize the number of miles our product travels and intermediaries between PJC and its customers. We support the local economy by allowing small businesses to maintain their identity while growing their business.

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