Want to implement an organic turf care program but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you. Step by step…

The Governor’s Academy, Byfield MA. -Organic since 2006

The Governor’s Academy, Byfield MA. -Organic since 2006

Practical Approach. Proven Products. Organic turf care simplified.

Across the nation, implementation of green initiatives has become a major strategic goal for public and private grounds. There is pressure from the community, regulatory and advocacy groups, as well as, the legislature to make changes. Managing these conflicting desires can be challenging. We work with your maintenance team and/or service provider to tailor an All-Natural Organic Turf Care program that is easy to follow, effective, fits your budget, and is sustainable for generations.

On Demand Services

We're available according to your needs! Our On Demand Services include: Soil Testing, Site Visit & Assessment, Operations Guide, Staff Training, an Email & Telephone Support.

Program Options

PJC offers customized products and programs that remain simple and practical. From Transition Trial Programs to 1-4+ Year Programs've got options.

Soil Testing

Whether you are just starting an organic program, or you have been providing a service for years, it is important to remember that a solid program begins with a soil test.

We’ll send you the soil sampling supplies and instructions. You take the sample and mail to the lab. We get the results, read them for you and send you the results in an easy-to-understand word document with your company logo that you can edit and send to your customer. Sound amazing? It is!


  • Soil sampling supplies and instructions
  • Soil test for: pH, buffer pH, Organic Matter, Cation Exchange Capacity, P/K/Mg and % Base Saturation.
  • Report with product recommendations provided in easy to understand format
  • Master Product Application Chart: lists by site product, # of bags, # of applications and when to apply for the season. We update it as new soil tests are taken saving you time and making product decisions easy.

Support Services

We can help you transition to an organic turf care program for your lawns and athletic fields. PJC has developed a PRACTICAL APPROACH using PROVEN PRODUCTS. We will customize an easy and cost effective program for you. Choose from different tiers of support based on your timeline, needs, and budget. Here's the framework for our support services:

What You Do

Use the supplies provided by PJC to take soil samples of your areas and mail to the soil testing lab.

based on product, budget, turf performance expectations, labor resources, equipment, and infrastructure.

Apply PJC products in the application windows and follow cultural practices outlined over the course of the growing season.

with questions on soil tests, weeds, site specific changes…or just say hi!

What We Do

and provide them in an easy-to-understand format with best product recommendations. 

based on your definitions and resources. Complete with a calendar of the season outlining the services from the program you selected. 
with application reminders—through email, virtual, and phone. Industry updates are available through social media, blogs, and newsletters.


Words From Our Satisfied Customers

“In the business of organic lawn care it’s important to have a team of educated, knowledgeable, and supportive folks that can help walk you through the process of transitioning lawns from chemical management to organic. With PJC’s business support tools I now have a program that works and I’ve been able to steadily develop my business and become more profitable.”
Complete Land Organics
“To be successful delivering organic services, you have to educate yourself and it doesn’t happen overnight. PJC’s ability to understand the latest research and what’s going on in the field is important to our business. They are so much more than a seller of organic products.”
“Our organic program has been fantastic. Grubs have never been a factor at the Governor’s Academy. The few that we have encountered were on fields that don’t have irrigation and have been minimal over the last 15 years. We receive many compliments on the way our fields look in the extreme heat of the summer, as well as, in November when the season is winding down. The turf stands up to games, practices and all the other functions that are held on the 450 acres that we maintain. PJC has been a great asset for me for more than a decade.”

Our Products

Our Other Products Include: Kelp, Mycorrhizae, Fish Hydrolysate, Sulfur, Molasses, and more...don’t see what you’re looking for - just ask!