End of Season Turf Tips – Winter
Pam Newcombe

As we sit between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can chip away at some final end of season turf tips.

Soil Amendments- Most soil amendments can be applied until the ground freezes. Apply product based on soil test results: calcitic or dolomitic lime, gypsum, humates, etc. 

Mowing- Assuming you allowed turf to grow to 3-3.5”, slowly begin reducing the height of grass cut to prepare for winter. Grass that is kept at a long height over the winter promotes snow mold in the spring, so finish this season at approximately 2.5” high.  

Leaves- While mowing, mulch leaves back in to add valuable organic matter (specifically carbon) for as long as practical.  Following this, you can mow and bag or tarp to remove all leaf litter before the snow.  Leaf litter harbors fungi and promotes disease that can damage the grass and plants. 

Turf Blankets- Protect athletic fields from harsh winter conditions and promote faster growth and green-up in the spring with turf blankets. This also allows for late-season turf repair and overseeding.

Site Assessments- Note any trouble spots so you are ready to top dress, overseed, and budget projects next spring. 

Equipment Maintenance- Drain gas lines, check fluids, sharpen blades and clean off debris from the season. 

Enjoy your winter following these end of season turf tips, and make plans for the spring!