About PJC

PJC is a family-founded, family-owned company that loves solving problems so good things grow.

At PJC we believe that we need to be good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted with.  We aim to serve our customers and the environment by providing all-natural organic products and programs that are safe and effective.  We respect, value, and serve our customers, co-workers, suppliers, and the community with honesty and integrity.

Our Story

In 2001 Fred was Director of Worldwide Support & Education for an IT company and faced a major career decision … to move with his HiTech Career to Rochester, NY or stay in Rowley MA and change jobs.  The decision to leave the IT Industry and start a  new business was a turning point that changed the trajectory of Fred’s career, and in turn Pam’s.

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PJC & Company, Ecological Land Care Inc. began in 2002 as a family-owned company that was a full service landscape provider specializing in organic fertilization programs.  Founders, Fred & Pam, were early adopters of the “green” movement and set  themselves apart from the competition by offering All-Natural Organic Fertilization services to residential properties on Boston’s North Shore.  Because of the challenges faced in finding authentic all-natural products for their service business, in 2005 PJC became distributors of Renaissance Fertilizers and in 2007 purchased the manufacturing rights to Renaissance All-Natural Fertilizers and sold their service division.  Renaissance Fertilizers have undergone extensive testing at Iowa State University and have been used by landscapers, schools, municipalities, golf courses and organic growers.

2013 – Peter reopened PJC’s organic fertilization division.  PJC once again offers organic fertilization services to homeowners and schools on Boston’s North Shore. This gives PJC the opportunity to field test and continually evaluate their products, programs, and approach.

2017 – Brought their first soil amendment to market – PJC ProHealthy Turf, CHARGE-S3|
2018 – Renaissance All Natural Fertilizers were renamed to PJC ProHealthy Turf All Natural Fertilizer
2019 – PJC ProHealthy Turf 6-0-6 & 8-0-6 All Natural Fertilizers OMRI Listed. 



Native New Englander. NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP) since 2005 and past VP on the Board of Directors for NOFA-MA. Graduated Boston College with Bachelor of Science, and MBA & MS CIS Masters from Bentley University. Strangely obsessed with how deep he can get grass roots to grow. Oh, and President of PJC!


Grew up in the Chicago area. Moved to MA after marrying Fred in 1988. Worked professionally as an administrative assistant in education, marketing, and sales. Took time out to raise 3 kids. Now PJC CEO and Director of Operations. PJC is a Certified Woman Owned Business (WBE, DBE).


Organic Lawn Care Accredited Professional (OLCAP). Majored in business, minor in outdoor recreation. Started as a laborer when PJC was founded in 2002  and is now the Organic Fertilization Service Division Manager, as well as Product Marketing and Sales.  He puts the P in PJC.


Math and physics double major.  Full-time private school physics and math teacher; part-time overqualified fertilizer applicator at PJC. Also assists with custom software development. The J in PJC.


Social work and sociology double major with art minor. Her passion for people, the environment, and art have brought her to the world of digital design. Currently skiing in Colorado and the Director of Marketing for PJC. The C in PJC.


Married to Jenna. Full-time Marine Transport  and as needed laborer. Latest addition to the PJC family.


Full-time Goldendoodle,
part-time HR Specialist.


Head of Security weighing in at 150 lbs. 

The Other Family Business

On any given day, there are nearly 438,000 children in foster care in the United States and that number keeps rising. This is a big issue that PJC is passionate about – even more than growing grass. Fred & Pam have been a licensed foster care home for the state of MA since 2009 and Peter & Megan joined the other “family business” and became a licensed foster home in 2018. Jenna & Collette are the built-in babysitters and support system.

Fred & Pam have been a part of a grassroots movement in the church to mobilize people to get involved in caring for children from hard places. The Newcombe’s have shared their home with over 100 children in an effort to plant seeds of hope in their lives so good things will grow.

Call To Order: (978) 432-1019

At PJC we build customer relationships that extend beyond product usage to include the exchange of information about experiences, practices, and issues. Wherever possible, we look to minimize the number of miles our product travels and intermediaries between PJC and its customers. We support the local economy by allowing small businesses to maintain their identity while growing their business.

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