Adding an organic fertilization program to your business doesn’t have to be a headache.
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Build A More Efficient Organic Turf Care Program

Looking to expand your service offerings? Are your customers asking for an organic fertilization option? PJC Organic gives landscapers the confidence to deliver a successful all-natural Organic Turf Care Program. Whether you’re looking for organic products you can offer clients, or want integrating organic turf care programs into your existing model—we meet you where you’re at.

PJC is more than just a manufacturer of premium Organic Turf Care Products for landscapers. As such, our customer relationships go beyond product sales. We share expertise, develop turf care programs, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions throughout the season. Furthermore, since 2002, PJC has run an Organic Fertilization division as a way to field test and evaluate our products and programs. As a result…we know what works.

Soil Testing + Plus

Take any course on organic lawn care, view an article on the internet or read a book, the first thing you're told to do is take a soil test. So, you dutifully take a soil sample, send it off to a lab; get the results back – then what? If it’s not Greek to you, it may be to your clients.

Program Development

We help landscapers integrate organics… seamlessly! Our approach is not a franchise or quasi – franchise. As such, we assist in putting together an All-Natural Organic Turf Care Program that works, is profitable and suited for landscapers.

Soil Testing

Whether you’re a landscapers looking to start an organic program, or you’ve been providing the service for years, it is important to remember that a solid program begins with a soil test.

First, we’ll send you the soil sampling supplies and instructions. Then, you take the sample and mail to the lab. Lastly, we get the results, read them for you and send you the results in an easy to understand word document with your company logo that you can edit and send to your customer. Sound amazing? It is!


  • Soil sampling supplies and instructions.
  • Soil test for: pH, buffer pH, Organic Matter, Cation Exchange Capacity, P/K/Mg and % Base Saturation.
  • Report with product recommendations provided in an easy to understand word format with company logo for easy editing.
  • Master Product Application Chart based on soil test results lists by client: product, # of bags, # of applications and when to apply for the season. In addition, we update it as new soil tests are taken saving you time and making product decisions easy.

Program Development

We can help you grow your organic lawn care business. PJC has developed a PRACTICAL APPROACH using PROVEN PRODUCTS that allows you to offer a natural Organic Turf Care (OTC) program to your clients. Furthermore, we will customize a program for your business and show you how to make it profitable. Just follow these steps:

What You Do

First, use the supplies provided by PJC to take soil samples of your areas and mail to the soil testing lab.

We use your target nutrients, your labor resources, your equipment,the number of site visits, etc. to customize your program.

We help base your pricing on product cost, labor cost, and your profit margins, so your business is profitable.

We provide email and telephone support. In addition, custom lawn flags and door hangers are available!

What We Do

Then, the lab sends the report to PJC. We interpret it, and email you the results. With this report, we will make product recommendations formatted in an easy to understand Word document (with your own company name and logo!) so you can show it directly to your client.

We will create a monthly calendar of product applications and cultural practices based on your program and a master product application chart for the season, broken down by application and route with time tracking.

We will recommend pricing for your organic fertilization services based on your program, product set, labor rate, and profit margin, and provide a master price sheet by program level and square footage for easy quoting.

We can perform an end of the season audit with program and pricing review to determine success and what modifications need to be made for next year.


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Our Products

In addition, Other Products Include: Kelp, Mycorrhizae, Fish Hydrolysate, Sulfur, Molasses, and more...don’t see what you’re looking for - just ask!