Components to Healthy Turf
Peter Newcombe

Many people enter the world of turf care without recognizing the nuances of what their lawns need. There are four components to healthy turf that need to be addressed correctly to be successful with an All-Natural Turf Care Program: soil chemistry, soil structure, soil biology, and cultural practices. 

  1. Address soil chemistry to create and maintain a hospitable environment for the soil biology. Correct pH and calcium to magnesium imbalances.
  2. Promote the porosity and nutrient holding capacity of the soil’s structure.  Address organic matter and cation exchange capacity (CEC) deficiencies.
  3. Feed the soil biology with an All-Natural Organic Fertilizer so they remain active and in turn can feed the plant.
  4. Cultural Practices—Proper mowing, aeration, over-seeding and irrigation practices will have the BIGGEST impact on the overall success of your program!

components to healthy turf

In conclusion, healthy turf requires positive interactions between the four components listed above. As we all know, when it comes to growing turf there are things we cannot control in the season like weather, temperature and rainfall, and things that are impractical to try to change like soil composition. At PJC Organic we our approach is practical. We focus on correcting things that cultivate positive change in a way that makes sense financially and in practice.