Dynamic Soil Quality’s Impact on Organic Turf
Fred Newcombe
Inherent V. Dynamic Soil Quality

Soil health is reflected in both its inherent and dynamic soil quality. What’s the differentiation? Well, soil’s inherent quality is a result of its unique combination of minerals, climate, biology, slope and time. Inherent quality isn’t affected by management and it changes very little over time. On the other hand, soil’s dynamic quality is management-dependent. Accordingly, “soil properties are affected by human management and natural disturbances” (nrcs.usda.gov)—aka anthropogenic influence. Soil’s quality and function is evaluated by looking at dynamic and inherent soil properties.

graphic showing differences and interaction between dynamic and inherent soil quality

Benefits of Green Spaces

Often, one’s tendency is to focus on the role soil plays in growing crops. Although, it’s also important to note the larger ecosystem and community benefits of soil beyond simply food production. Notably, green spaces—such as lawns, parks, and athletic fields—have a lot of benefits when managed with a focus on improved soil health. Benefits include: increased carbon sequestration, greater water infiltration, improved water storage, water purification, root growth, reduced air and surface temperature, improved soil structure, and increased soil organic matter.

Further, ecosystem benefits of urban/suburban green spaces that directly benefit people include:

  • Mental Health—improved mental health, stress reduction and reduced depression.
  • Physical Health—lower cardiovascular morbidity and mortality; respiratory ailments; obesity and diabetes.
  • Recreational Usage—walking or jogging on trails, recreation with pets, bench sitting and picnicking.
  • Social Interaction—encourages social interaction and cohesion.
  • Community Cohesion—improves relationships among neighborhood residents.
Organic Turf Care & Dynamic Soil Quality

Because of the benefits of green spaces, PJC Organic has been focused on improving soil health to grow grass all-naturally for over twenty years. Therefore, when it comes to growing turf, we want to influence dynamic soil quality to grow healthy grass. This entails taking a soil test to determine all-natural product recommendations. Moreover, we offer our customers custom programs to ensure the success of their organic turf.

Interested in promoting the benefits of green spaces all-naturally? Want to know more about our organic turf care products and custom organic turf care products? Contact us!