All-Natural Fertilizer for Summer Turf Health
Fred Newcombe

Summer heat is on the way. Therefore, environmental stressors—especially drought and high temps—will put your turf to the test soon. With all-natural fertilizer for summer turf health, you want to provide potassium for turf to weather summer stress.

cool season turf growth cycle showing importance of All-Natural Fertilizer for Summer Turf Health

Potassium’s Impact on Turf

Similar to fall fertilizer applications (preparing for winter), right now late spring fertilizer applications are preparing for summer. Keep in mind that potassium is the nutrient responsible for the overall health of the turf plant. Remember, potassium is required in large quantities annually.

Regarding turf, potassium helps:
  1. improve plant’s turgor pressure and ability to withstand drought—retaining water and improving water carrying capacity—which helps the plant maintain a rigid and upright structure.
  2. improve turf vigor (by moving nutrients into and throughout the plant).
  3. preserve root structure, plant cell wall structure, and disease resistance.

 ^all of which can be under stress during summer months. So, what does that all mean? In short, potassium is vital to the turf plant’s health and resilience and you want it in your all-natural fertilizer for summer.

 Fertilizers to Improve Turf Health

Noteably, in an Organic Turf Care Program, our goal is to create the most self-sustaining turf stand possible. We want to give plants the ability to produce energy on their own. Accordingly, for turf plants to perform well in stressful environments, we supply them with potassium. Consequently, potassium helps regulate turf’s biochemical and hormonal relationships. Be sure to use PJC ProHealthy Turf 6-0-6 or 8-0-6 for late-spring and early-summer apps to provide readily available potassium for your lawn or athletic field.

PJC ProHealthy Turf 6-0-6

Our most popular turf fertilizer! Plant based organic nitrogen and sulfate of potash. Moreover, an excellent all-purpose all-natural organic fertilizer that can be used throughout the growing season.

omri listed all-natural fertilizer for lawns and athletic fieldsPJC ProHealthy Turf 8-0-6

A higher nitrogen all-natural fertilizer for those looking for a little more “N”. Plant and animal meal organic nitrogen with sulfate of potash.

Lastly, contact us for more info, pricing, or organic turf care program development.