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Best Mowing Practices

When it comes to mowing lawns and athletic fields, best mowing practices matter. Although it’s a basic operation, there are a lot of ways to

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sprinkler in lawn spraying water

Watering Turf Grass in Summer

How should you be watering your turf this season? Proper practices for watering turf grass in the summer is paramount. Building resilient turf takes a combination of proper fertility and cultural practices. Accordingly,

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blog cover for summer weeds from moist soil

Summer Weeds From Wet Soil

When scouting lawns and athletic fields for weeds, always ask yourself: “Why is this weed here?”. The answer always lies in the underlying soil conditions.

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Summer Weeds From Compacted Soil

Summer weeds are arriving on the coattails of spring weeds. Environmental conditions—like drought and extreme heat—make it difficult for cool-season turf grasses to compete with

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