Why Do We Soil Test?
Peter Newcombe

Soil testing is the cornerstone to any successful All-Natural Organic Turf Care (OTC) program.

Why do we soil test?

Above all, your soil health directly affects its ability to nurture the plant. In order for your lawn to thrive it needs healthy soil to grow in. PJC’s organic fertilization program focuses on four components: soil chemistry, soil biology, soil structure and cultural practices. 

Transitioning to an All-Natural Organic Turf Care Program requires more than simply swapping bags of fertilizer. Alternatively, the key to a successful All-Natural Organic Turf Care Program is to apply the right products with proper cultural practices. Products without proper practices is a setup for failure (and vice versa!). The choice of fertilizer, soil amendments, and application rates should be dictated by your soil’s needs.  

Soil testing…

  1. Provides critical information on the current state of the soil.
  2. Determines the type and amount of soil amendments necessary to improve soil conditions.
  3. Is used as a baseline to set expectations and determine a budget.

In other words, knowing what your soil needs will save time, money and energy. Unnecessary product applications do more harm than good. Therefore, knowledge of your soil’s pH level, buffer pH, Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), % Organic Matter (OM) and calcium to magnesium ratio is necessary to prescribe the appropriate soil amendments. Above all, if you’re armed with the results of a soil test, a proper plan can be formulated based on budget and expectations.

We can help!

PJC Organic will provide you with soil sampling supplies, instructions, and interpretation. Moreover, results come to us and we translate them into an easy-to-understand document that you can send to your customer. Call 978-432-1019 or email us to find out more about soil testing.