Soil Biology and Turf
Fred Newcombe
5 Minute Read

PJC's Healthy Turf Circle highlighting the importance of soil biology and turfDid you read last week’s blog “Soil Chemistry and Turf“? No?! Well, back things up and give it a readOk, welcome back… Soil biology and turf care go hand-in-hand. Accordingly, all our ProHealthy Turf fertilizers and soil conditioners are formulated to provide a stable food source for soil biology. This keeps them active and converting food into bioavailable plant nutrients. 

The Soil Food Web

The Soil Food Web is a great illustration to represent the life cycles of various ‘consumers’ within the terrestrial biosphere. For turf grass, we are looking to encourage nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria (Nitrobacter) or nitrogen fixing bacteria (azotobacter). Our goal is to create an environment where a symbiotic relationship of soil microbes and the plants they feed can exist. To sustainably grow turf grass, we are looking to create predominantly bacterial soils with balanced fungal populations. For comparison, highly fungal soils are found in old growth forests.

diagram of the soil food web illustrating the different organisms at work in soil biology and turf.
Image Source: The Soil FoodWeb Institute
Practical Approach     

PJC takes a slow and steady approach to influencing soil biology. Therefore, we create an environment where soil biology proliferates and pays dividends year after year. PJC ProHealthy Turf granular products are designed to feed soil biology during active growth windows during the season.  In turn, the soil biology reproduces, and populations increase dramatically.  As a result, the biological diversity in the soil naturally balances in favor of growing turf grass.

Proven Products

PJC ProHealthy Turf Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners offer a wide range of food sources and feed cycles for soil biology throughout the growing season. Furthermore, our ProHealthy turf fertilizers are formulated to provide short, medium and long feed cycles depending on the use of the turf you’re growing or seasonal application needs.  PJC ProHealthy Turf soil conditioners and bio stimulants are designed to positively impact underlying soil conditions to create the environment soil biology needs to make nutrients bioavailable to the turf plant. Moreover, combining our products in an Organic Turf Care program yields the best results. So, we provide programs for Landscapers as well as programs for Schools and Municipalities. All the while, your grass remains safe for families, pets and athletes every year!