Eliminate Dandelions All-Naturally in Your Lawn
Fred Newcombe

This bright weed is hard to miss when in bloom, with its yellow flower and rapid spreading. Dandelions can be difficult to control since their seeds travel via the wind. However, it is possible to eliminate dandelions all-naturally in your lawns and athletic fields.

Growth Season

Dandelion first grows in early spring and can flower all the way through the season. 

growth rate of dandelion roots, stems, and florets for Eliminate Dandelions All-Naturally in Your Lawn blog explainationi
Image Source: 8billiontrees.com
Soil Conditions

Dandelions tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, but do especially well in compacted soils. This is because dandelions’ large taproot can ‘break’ soils and steal calcium. Similar to plantain, dandelion is most noticeable in soils where calcium isn’t abundantly available for turf grass. This includes soils low in pH or highly compacted soils. 

Treatment Recommendations
  1. Soil TestSoil testing gives you a baseline of where your soil is at and dictates product selection. When you soil test with PJC, we provide you a report with product recommendations in easy-to-understand format. Additionally, our Master Product Application Charts list by site product, # of bags, # of applications and when to apply for the season. We update it as new soil tests are taken—saving you time and making product decisions easy.
  2. Lime — Large dandelion rosettes are an easy indicator of low levels of calcium in the soil. It is important to have your soil in the proper pH range (6.5–6.8). Use a calcitic lime to improve calcium levels while raising pH to favor the growth of grass. 
  3. Grass Seed dense grass prevents the dandelion seed from finding its way to the soil. To eliminate areas where dandelion seeds can get a foothold, thin areas of your lawn should be regularly over-seeded.  
  4. Bag Clippings — If possible, grass clippings should be bagged when dandelions are in flower to prevent spreading the seeds.
  5. Contact PJC! — We make the whole process a lot simpler for you. We don’t only manufacture and distribute organic fertilizer and soil amendments. Here at PJC, we work with landscapers, schools, and municipalities to implement organic turf care programs successfully. 

It can’t be overstated enough to work in the Spring and Fall to establish dense and healthy turf. Above all, a thick stand of turf grass will crowd out annual weeds and help to eliminate dandelions all-naturally. In addition, remember that we’re here to help! Contact us for more specific help with your weed defense.

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