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Blends: 6-0-1, 6-0-6, 7-0-2+, 8-0-1, 8-0-6, 9-0-0
PJC ProHealthy Turf Fertilizers are manufactured by PJC Organic and have been in use since 1994. First and foremost, PJC Organic uses all natural premium ingredients as a food source for soil biology (no urea, municipal waste or manure). Notably, we have OMRI listed blends available and our all natural fertilizers comply with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards. Lastly, our fertilizers are approved for use by Bay State organic certifiers and are on the USDA Bio-Preferred Product list.

stack of organic fertilizers in a warehouse
  • Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen (WIN) from plant and animal proteins provides essential amino acids.
  • Zero phosphorous formulations.
  • Slow release, providing consistent growth without burning.
  • Easy to apply with a broadcast spreader.
Application rate: 10lb per 1,000 square feet. A 50lb bag covers 5,000sf. Apply every 7-10 weeks during the growing season based on use and expectations (3-4 applications for cool season grasses in the NE).
Turf Type Tall Fescue FF Mix, 80/20

Good for partial shade
80% Turf Type Tall Fescue
10% Creeping Red
10% Chewings Fescue

Turf Type Tall Fescue KB Mix, 80/20

80% Turf Type Tall Fescue
20% Kentucky Bluegrass

Premium KB Athletic Field Mix, 50/50

Premium Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Rye cultivars
50% Diva & Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
50% Perennial Ryegrass

Professional Athletic Field Mix, 80/20

Cost effective athletic field mix
80% Perennial Ryegrass
20% Rock it Bluegrass


PJC is a reseller of select minimum risk (25b) products to help control grubs, ticks and mosquitos. Minimum risk pesticides are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not review or register pesticides that satisfy the 25(b) criteria, though registration is required by most states. For information on minimum risk pesticides in your state and to find out if a pesticide license is required, please contact your state’s pesticide registration office.

  • Cedar Cure
    Used to control white grubs, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, armyworms, billbugs, chinch bugs, cutworms, sod webworms and other landscape pests. CedarCure stifles the ability of the insects’ receptors to detect food, mate and reproduce. Insects them become over whelmed and relocate. Insect displacement interrupts the “egg laying cycle” eliminating new generations. The main focus of CedarCure is for larval stage insect in the soil like white grubs. Exposure to the cedarwood oil formulation immediately triggers the erosion of the exoskeleton of insect eggs and larvae, which results in their dehydration, subsequently rendering their pre-life status DBH (dead before hatch). Minimum risk pesticide 25b exempt
  • Essential 1-PHE
    Essential 1-PHE (Plant Health Enhancement) contains a broad range of botanical extracts and essential oils to reduce pest pressure. It is a concentrated foliar application to enhance plant defenses and kill/repel pests. Minimum risk pesticide 25b exempt
  • Mosquito Cure
    Lasts up to 4 weeks MosquitoCure ™ is manufactured from plant-based extracts that directly affect the nervous system in the target pest. Highly effective for fast knockdown and control of Mosquitoes and other pest insects in the landscape. These essential oils target he pest while safe for fish, children and pets with long lasting repellent action. Minimum risk pesticide 25b exempt.

Minimum 70% Calcium Sulfate
Calcium is a turf grass macronutrient

Gypsum supplies Calcium (Ca) and Sulfur (S) to the soil without adjusting soil pH; counteracts salt damage; improves CEC and increases soil porosity. Gypsum improves soil chemistry and soil structure.

Calcium is a turf grass macronutrient — essential to cell wall structure and membrane permeability — making a more resilient and robust turf plant.

Sulfur MAXX

Used for lowering soil pH.

Homogenous prill that supplies Elemental Sulfur and Sulfate, Calcium, and Carbon to the soil.

Remediates sodium in soils with high salt levels and contains 2% activated Humic Acid to increase soil CEC and improve nutrient performance.


87% Calcium Carbonate 2% Humic Chelating Agent. Correcting soil pH is foundational in an organic program.
Our high efficiency limestone works faster and more efficiently than traditional pelletized lime to change soil chemistry (pH, base saturation and calcium levels) which in turn allows soil biology to proliferate.

Humic chelating agents (polyhydroxy carboxylic acid) bind to plant nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron to increase solubility and availability.

Increasing solubility improves the translocation of nutrients into plants, therefore aiding in root development, plant vigor, drought and stress tolerance. 75% less product is required than standard limestone, so you save time, labor, transportation, and storage costs.

PJC ProHealthy Turf, BOOST+S3

PJC’s BOOST+S3 is made from plant proteins, minerals and humates.
Apply throughout the season to improve soil chemistry, soil structure, and soil biological activity (S3).

BOOST+S3 supplies essential Calcium (Ca), Sulfur (S), and Iron (Fe). Iron is fundamental to chlorophyll production, photosynthesis and thus improves turf vibrancy and resilience without excessive foliar growth. The added humates improve nutrient retention and soil composition. Plant proteins provide a stable food source for soil biology.

PJC Prohealthy Turf, CHARGE – S3

PJC’s CHARGE-S3 is made from biochar, molasses, kelp, animal and plant proteins.

Apply throughout the season to improve soil chemistry, soil structure and soil biological activity (S3).

CHARGE-S3 increases nitrogen fixation, nutrient retention and cycle; while making Ca, Mg, K, P and other micronutrients more bioavailable. It aids in water retention and absorption of inhibitory compounds. All the while adding a carbohydrate source to help soil bacteria proliferate!

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