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87% Calcium Carbonate 2% Humic Chelating Agent. Correcting soil pH is foundational in an organic program.
Our high efficiency limestone works faster and more efficiently than traditional pelletized lime to change soil chemistry (pH, base saturation and calcium levels) which in turn allows soil biology to proliferate.

Humic chelating agents (polyhydroxy carboxylic acid) bind to plant nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron to increase solubility and availability.

Increasing solubility improves the translocation of nutrients into plants, therefore aiding in root development, plant vigor, drought and stress tolerance. 75% less product is required than standard limestone, so you save time, labor, transportation, and storage costs.

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Our Other Products Include: Kelp, Mycorrhizae, Fish Hydrolysate, Molasses, and more...don’t see what you’re looking for - just ask!