Organic Turf Care for Municipalities
Fred Newcombe

When looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of municipalities, what is occurring on our town parks and athletic fields is often overlooked. Although, sustainable initiatives and pressure from advocacy groups can motivate an All-Natural Organic Turf Care Program. Organic Turf Care for municipalities gives you greater control over the maintenance of your fields and can reduce costs by bringing work in-house.

Practical Approach, Proven Products

There’s often confusion around how to implement a successful organic program. Although, the transition from a chemical program doesn’t need to be daunting. PJC Organic provides a defined path in our organic fertilization program. As such, practicality is at the heart of our approach, and everything is organized around making it as easy as possible for your field guys to have success. 

All Organic Fertilization programs should start with a soil test. Next, with our soil testing services, you will get independent lab results and analysis provided in an easy-to-understand document. We provide clear product recommendations and a Product Application Schedule by area. Furthermore, we have OMRI listed products and our products comply with the USDA National Organic Program standards. Products can be directly shipped to you or your service provider.

Organic Turf Care Calendar

It doesn’t need to be difficult to implement organic turf care for municipalities. We create a full Organic Turf Care Calendar for you. The calendar includes product applications and cultural practices by month and location.  Your Product Application Schedule includes the number of bags needed, by area, for each application. Additionally, we dive into cultural practices and cover mowing, watering, aerating, and over-seeding. Finally, we recognize that budgets are very important, so we always prioritize where you will see the most return for your money!

Ultimately, our focus is for your product needs to diminish as soil conditions improve, resulting in savings for you and the environment!