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stack of organic fertilizers in a warehouse

What Does OMRI Listed Mean?

About OMRI You’ve seen the labels when shopping, and may be wondering “What does OMRI Listed mean?” The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an

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PJC’s Recommended Reading

With the holidays upon us, PJC’s recommended reading can be added to that last-minute wish list. The following five books have been fundamental in PJC’s

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green background with headshot of PJC's Regional Account Manager, Britt Phillips

The Newest Staff Member of PJC

This month, we’ve onboarded the newest staff member of PJC: Britt Phillips! Britt is PJC’s Regional Account Manager. That means she’s here to educate our

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The CEO of PJC Organic

The CEO of PJC Organic celebrates her birthday today!  So, we sat down with Pam Newcombe to hear more about her work and influence. View

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