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Whether you’re a landscaper trying to incorporate organics, a school trying to implement sustainable change, or a municipality seeking an all natural approach to your fields — we’re here to help!

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PJC Organic is the manufacturer of ProHealthy Turf products and distributor of other soil amendments. There are a lot of organic, organic based, and bridge products on the market, making it confusing for those looking for an All-Natural Organic approach to turf care. We have been evaluating products since 2002 and have come up with a core product list, taking the guess work out of which products to use.

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You’re not the first landscaper to feel uneasy about the chemicals typically used to keep lawns thick and “healthy.” Nor are you the first to be afraid that offering organic options will only cost more and yield lesser results. The longstanding problem lies in this: The fact that a product is “organic” doesn’t mean it’s good. Any product that claims to be one-size-fits-all will work for a small few and fall short for many others. Whether you’re looking for organic products you can offer your own clients, or you want help with seamless integration of organic turf care into your existing model, we offer the quality products and business resources you wished existed, but didn’t know were possible.

Outsource Soil Testing

Take any course on organic lawn care, search the internet or read a book, the first thing you are told to do is take a soil test.

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Adding an organic fertilization program to your business doesn’t have to be a headache. Maintain your identity – Build your brand!


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Schools & Municipalities

Organic Fertilization Programs for your Schools and Communities

Across the nation, implementation of green initiatives has become a major strategic goal for public and private institutions. There is pressure from the community, regulatory and advocacy groups, as well as, the legislature to make changes. Managing these conflicting desires can be challenging. We work with your maintenance team and/or service provider to tailor an All-Natural Organic Turf Care program that is easy to follow, effective, fits your budget, and is sustainable for generations.

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Components to Healthy Turf
Many people enter the world of turf care without recognizing the nuances of what their lawns need. There are four...
Soil Food Web
The Soil Food Web
An organic fertilization program focuses on your soil’s quality. The aim is to nurture the soil and the soil food...
seed slicing
Seed Slicing v. Aerating
As the snow melts and lawns come out of winter dormancy, we need to look at the benefits of seed...
Spring Grass Seed
Spring Grass Seed
Warm weather may feel far off, but it’s important that we’re looking ahead to what spring grass seed our lawns...
Artificial Versus Natural Athletic Fields
Artificial Versus Natural Athletic Fields
With efforts to increase the sustainability of our communities, there’s a push towards artificial over natural athletic fields. These fields...
Are All Organic Fertilizers the Same?
Are all organic fertilizers the same? No.  Organic fertilizers feed soil biology and soil biology feeds the plant. Using an...
Liquid versus granular fertilizer
Liquid Versus Granular Fertilizers
We are often asked: What are the benefits and distinctions between liquid versus granular fertilizers? To decide what kind of...
Organic Turf Care for Municipalities
Organic Turf Care for Municipalities
When looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of municipalities, what is occurring on our town parks and athletic...
Practical Approach and Proven Products
Practical Approach and Proven Products
Whether you are starting or growing your organic division, utilizing a practical approach and proven products is critical to your success....
Evaluation of Glyphosate Risks
This morning I received an email from Glyphosate Girl highlighting that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a Draft Biological...
End of season turf tips
End of Season Turf Tips
As we sit between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can chip away at some final end of season turf tips. Soil...
the importance of lime
The Importance of Lime
Liming provides at least three benefits important to growing healthy turf
Beetles flying in the landscape
Beetles Flying in the Landscape
Beetles have been seen flying in the landscape over the past week. It is this time of the year that...
Essential Services During Covid-19
PJC Organic recognizes that these are anxious and uncertain times. There are a lot of unknowns regarding essential services during...
Bayer chairman to step down
Bayer Chairman to Step Down
Bayer Chairman, Werner Wenning, is to step down earlier than planned. Bayer said Norbert Winkeljohann will succeed Mr. Wenning after...
Berries In The Wild Photo Taken By Sigmund
Organic Land Care Training - Amherst MA
NOFA Accreditation Course in Organic Land Care will be held at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA January 6 – 9, 2020....
Stone Garden Walkway Photo Taken By Sigmund
Claims Against Bayer
Claims against Bayer have more than doubled the number of plaintiffs that Roundup causes cancer. NEW CLAIMS Since early July...
Backyard Garden Scenery Photo Taken By Sigmund
Organic Land Care Training - Portland Maine
NOFA Accredited Course in Organic Land Care will be held in Portland, Maine on October 21 – 24, 2019. Back...
Women Sitting On The Grass Photo By Sophia Ayame
Athletic Field Repair
Don’t wait on athletic field repair it is important to manage wear and tear during the season. Wear and Tear...
Benefits of Lime
It’s fall so, like many landscapers, you’re probably getting ready to start liming. Although, what are the benefits of lime?...
dormant not dead grass
Dormant Not Dead Grass
As I write this, today’s high temperature is supposed to reach 94˚. According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy...